Classic Set Lashes

 eyelash extensions in crawley

This is the application of one extension to one natural lash. This look is suitable for people that desire a little bit more fullness and length from their extensions but still want a natural look. Clients with a good set of natural lashes are suited well to classic lashes.

If you have sparse or very fine natural eyelashes this look will not be suitable for you and you will benefit from upgrading your treatment. Our experts can give you the most amazing  eyelash extensions in crawley, and you will be amazed at the changes too.


Traditional / 1-D Extensions

The classic look (or traditional extensions) are for beauties who prefer a more subtle and natural appearance. These basic extensions are sometimes referred to as “1-Dimensional” or “1-D,” because the process involves carefully attaching a single thick, dark eyelash strand to each existing lash.

This simply enhances the lashes, giving each a darker and more curled appearance without compromising the eye’s natural appearance.

These extensions are perfect for anyone looking to add a basic level of enrichment.

Volume / 2-D / 3-D Extensions –  eyelash extensions in crawley

Volume lashes (or multiple dimension extensions) provide a more glamorous and full look. The process entails attaching multiple specially-made lashes (which are extremely thin, dark, and feathery) to each lash.

For 2-D extensions, two of these are applied to each existing lash. In 3-D cases, three are carefully attached to each one.

This creates a soft yet extremely voluminous look, making these extensions ideal both for those who wish to add some glam to their appearance and those with naturally thin or light-colored lashes.

Eyelash Studio / Classic Set Lashes